QR Codes Give Your Readers Easy Access – Anywhere

We’ve integrated a great new feature – QR codes!    Each mobile site that you build on the MoFuse platform will now have an associated QR code.  It is very easy to download this code and publish it, print it, post it – anywhere you can.   The new menu option looks like this:

QR Code Menu Button

All you need to do is to click on this menu button and you will see a Small, Medium and Large version of your   associated QR code.     Just download the image and it is ready for publication.  You can put the QR code anywhere that your customers can see it.   We’ve seen these on restaurant menus, in hotel lobbies, published in magazines and incorporated into advertisements.   Here is a sample QR code from MoFuse:

How it works for your readers:

Readers with smartphones will have access to QR Code reader software.  Usually you can download a QR reader for free or it is packaged up with certain phones.   Your viewer simply points at the QR code and it will automatically (and quickly) take them to your mobile site!

It’s simple… and a great way to get mobile viewers to your site!

Check out more about QR codes in our Small Screen Blog.