What can I do with the QR code manager?

So MoFuse has a new QR Code Manager… what can I do with this?

Let’s say your client is the City of Springfield, and their goal is to promote community involvement for local events and public awareness campaigns. To do this, you’ve placed a single QR code in their print publications, at city bus stops, at train stations, on the side of government vehicles, etc.

In early September, Homer is waiting for the bus and points his phone at the QR code posted at the bus stop. This brings up a mobile site with back to school safety tips. On September 15, when Hispanic Heritage month begins, Home is waiting for the bus again, and points his phone at the same QR code on the bus shelter. This time, it brings up a site featuring Hispanic Heritage celebrations around town. In October, you change that QR code url again, so that now it sends Homer to a landing page to register for the city’s Oktoberfest event.

You get the picture. And all of this is easily done by logging into your MoFuse account and selecting our QR Code Manager to redirect that QR Code.