Copy Your Site Again, and Again, and Again and…

You can now copy any site, using an existing mobile site inside your account.  This feature has been in beta, but is now ready for all your site duplication needs, and is perfect for …

…creating mobile sites that have a similar look and feel
…launching identical ad landing pages for campaign testing
…easily building out multiple full mobile sites from an original “template”  you have created
…rapidly deploying mobile sites, for example micro sites attached to a directory listing

What Copies Over (almost everything):

  • Site Logo (unless you override this by uploading a new logo on this page)
  • All CSS
  • Forms
  • Elements, exactly as they are laid out on your mobile site
  • RSS feed settings (GUI and post settings)
  • MoFuse Social Sharing settings (Twitter, FaceBook, Email a Friend)
  • Site Settings features
    • Custom text on fixed link navigation
    • Search setting
    • Copyright
  • Google features including Google Analytics tags, WebMaster verification, & Google Mobile Checkout ID

What Doesn’t Copy Over: Ad tags, because you probably want this to be unique for each site.

How to Use the Site Duplication Feature:

  1. When launching a new site, fill in the blanks as usual.
  2. At the bottom of this page, just before clicking “Launch” , choose an existing mobile website in your account from the “Duplicate a Site” drop down menu.
  3. Simply replace or change anything that has been copied over as desired, such as Copyright, Elements, GA tags, etc.

* A quick update here! We’ve heard you loud and clear on Google’s duplicate content rules. We couldn’t agree more that you should publish unique content on all of your mobile websites.

The key idea behind the copy-a-site feature is that you can easily duplicate the format of one mobile site and carry it over to a brand new mobile site. We allow you to duplicate your content as well, but it’s crucial to ensure that the content is, overall, unique from site to site so that your mobile sites get indexed appropriately.