Creating a Header Across All Pages of Your Site

You can easily create a header across all pages of your site, by “locking” any content block.

Here’s how:

1) In the Add Elements page within your MoFuse dashboard, create the content block for your header.

2) On the Site Layout page, lay this element at the very top of your mobile site.

3) Still on the Site Layout page, click the pencil icon for the content block element. This opens a quick edit ability.

4) Select Yes for “Lock as Header?

Congrats! You’ve now created a content header throughout your mobile website. You can unlock or replace this header at any time from the Site Layout page.

A great application of this feature that we see frequently: Use a content block to lock an image or text link to a page of site with a lead genĀ  form for event registration, newsletter sign up, contact form, or even member donations.