Best of Mobile Web: Mobile Holiday Shopping Surges

Here is our latest round up of what is happening in the world of the mobile web:

1. ” 81 Percent of Smartphone Owners have Accessed a Mobile Retail Site; App,” from Mobile Commerce Daily.

Whether it is for researching or directly shopping, consumers are interacting with retailers in multiple ways on their mobile devices, according to a new study from the Interactive Advertising Bureau.

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2. “Smartphone-only Mobile Commerce up 221% on Thanksgiving, Up 128% on Black Friday,” from TechCrunch.

In total, on Thanksgiving, Branding Brand’s index showed:

  • 3,086,154 visitors (63% iOS; 32% Android)
  • 17,364,602 page views (62% iOS; 33% Android)
  • 29,880 orders (70% iOS; 29% Android)
  • $81 average order value ($81 iOS; $80 Android)
  • 20.25% of total e-commerce traffic came from smartphones

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3.  ”Smartphone Shoppers Expected to Spend 72pc More than Non-smartphone Shoppers: Study,” from Mobile Commerce Daily

According to Deloitte’s newest round of findings, 68 percent of smartphone users plan to use their devices this holiday season to shop. Smartphone owners are expected to spend $1,428 on gifts this holiday season.

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4. “Cyber Monday Sales are Already up 26 Percent; iPhone Driving Most Traffic to Retail Sites,” from TechCrunch

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5.  ”Pew: 56 Percent of all Mobile Users Access the Internet,” from MarketingLand.

According to some new survey data released over the weekend by the Pew Internet & American Life Project, 56 percent of all mobile phone owners in the US access the internet. In addition, Pew says that 85 percent of all US adults now own a mobile phone.

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