“Empowering Women Through Mobile Technology”



Taking a bit of a break from the usual explorations into the world of the mobile web, mobile marketing, and all things MoFuse, for something still very mobile related and still very cool.


Blackberry has announced the launch of a scholarship program designed to support and nurture the entrance of more women into mobile technology-based industries. 


There is a wealth of published articles that explore the significant gender gap that exists in tech. There is also the wealth of published articles that explore the already significant and still growing STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) achievement gap that exists within the American educational system. Neither are problems that will easily be solved, but it’s certainly likely that the pursuit of a solution to either issue would need to include the pursuit of a solution to the other.


Lydia Depilles explores this idea in her recently published article: “How to Close The Tech Industry’s Gender Gap” where she discusses the issue, and identifies a number of the various hurdles and challenges that must be overcome if it’s to be resolved. Her core argument however is that the answer lies in the aggressive investment in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) educational programs (which, as she points out, would also benefit everybody). She also argues that a deeper cultural change must be made. A cultural change that would “…make all women feel like they belong [in tech], not just the exceptional ones who thrive in virtual isolation.”


Blackberry’s Scholars Program is a fantastic example of a company working to address both this gender gap, and the field achievement gap, by working to overcome many of the barriers that Depilles identifies, through a direct investment in the education and achievement of budding women mobile technologists. It’s a strong statement and a sorely needed initiative that we here at MoFuse loudly applaud and fully support.


And not just because MoFuse’s own CEO is herself an excellent example of the sort of impact that one can make within the mobile tech field, after successfully vaulting that gender gap and showing it what for. 


For more information on the scholarship along with application information: http://global.blackberry.com/campaigns/scholarship/scholars-2013/overview.html


17 thoughts on ““Empowering Women Through Mobile Technology”

  1. This is indeed a necesity and an asset as women tend to have ideas that complement mens. I have been working with more and more technically minded woman lately.

  2. We should reduce gender gap. Many women has extra talent in Technology. If we want to develop our Technology, we should involve them. It’ my opinion. I am working with many women and got good result from them.

  3. This article introduces me the term “Gender gap in tech”, before reading it I was never even think for it, instead of showing sympathy we need to show empathy for it.

  4. As a former technical sales woman, I found it to be a major advantage to be a minority. I’ve pushed my daughters and encouraged female friends to seek STEM based careers.

    • Hi Melissa, thank you for posting! If you don’t mind my asking, in what way(s) did you find it to be an advantage? Do you think that advantage would be lost if the gender gap were fully closed?

  5. There is indeed a deep gender gap in tech and web industries and this needs to change in order for the Internet to reflect more equal points of views. I’m sure there would be better content online if it weren’t always the same people creating it. Great article !

  6. In India Gender discrimination is a big issue but now government is employing many things to tackle this issue recent provision is 50 percent reservation for the womens in every organisation.

  7. What a great opportunity! I support any woman who has a goal, no matter what area it may be in. I know working in the auto repair business, it’s a boys club to say the least, and I imagine it’s just as much so in the tech business. But, like I tell my daughters, you can be anything you want to be, the only person who determines your limitations is yourself! Go for it ladies!

  8. yes i totally agree with you Ted. this is awesome post, yes more women into mobile technology-based industries.

  9. Woman excel in all digital technologies especially in marketing and publishing. As a publisher I saw woman force in our industry. We’re more dedicated and focused than men. Thanks Ted. :)

  10. Good for Blackberry!!! This STEM gender gap has been going on for many years (I remember it being addressed back in the early ’80′s at my progressive college) and I’m disappointed that it is so prevalent still. Maybe Blackberry’s program can make a dent, however small…this is an issue I’d like to see a female Presidential candidate take up!

  11. amazing site,i liked the quote-, you can be anything you want to be, the only person who determines your limitations is yourself! ive been saying it to my 2 daughters recently,

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