The Value of Mobile Websites

As with any marketing channel, there is always the question of value. Mobile websites are an important new marketing channel. How much ‘R’ will I get on my ‘I’, and in what sort of time frame? Regardless if your desired return is measured in revenue, sales, new leads, search engine ranking, or ‘other’, that return needs to justify the investment for any particular channel to have value.   


The mobile web is still a very new and maturing channel, and because of that, the tools that are available that offer actionable insight (keyword: actionable) are also in a state of maturation and development. Mobile analytics can offer an incredible window into customer context and engagement. But in many ways, it can just be all so much data, and data alone doesn’t communicate or demonstrate actual value.


google value of mobile calculator

Google recently released a really slick, neat-o tool designed to help users use their data to understand the value that mobile is giving them.


Outside of the utility of this new ‘mobile value calculator’, one of the most important takeaways is that the calculator is designed around measuring cross-channel mobile marketing strategies. For those of you who have attended any of our past webinars, this is a concept you should be familiar with. We tend to bring it up frequently. Why? Because therein lies the true value of mobile marketing. Its ability to be everywhere.


You can check out Google’s “Value of Mobile” calculator for yourself here:


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22 thoughts on “The Value of Mobile Websites

  1. Hey Ted. I’d love to say mobile sites are the future, but they are the now. When you consider how many people use smartphones for daily tasks, whether it’s getting directions or paying for your Starbucks, mobile websites become more and more necessary. Nothing frustrates me more than getting to a website on my phone only to find that they have not built a mobile version, thus making it very difficult to use. Non-mobile friendly equates to non-user friendly.

    Great post!

  2. I have been trying to convince a colleague of mine to invest in a mobile version of their site. I think I will share this article with him. Thank you for the informative words.

  3. With the mobile market increasing daily, it’s truly important to have a mobile-friendly site that makes it easy for visitors to browse on the go.

  4. Now it’s very important to create a site that is mobile friendly as most of users use mobile. So for a better and wide range marketing mobile supporting website is must.

  5. Everyone nowadays use their phones and tablets for everything. From checking weather, news, directions etc. It is so important to establish a mobile identity.

    • Hi Josie, thanks for commenting! I certainly couldn’t agree more, especially with mobile web usage predicted to overtake desktop web usage over the next year or two. The mobile adoption rate has picked up tremendous momentum leaving marketers, web designers/developers, and businesses scrambling to try and keep up (let alone get out ahead of emerging trends).

  6. People in the website business know very well that clients have different priorities. You just have to push the right button. However, there’s not much convincing power needed when you are selling a mobile website. There are relevant statistics, varying costs and range of social benefits that will eliminate doubts in the importance of having one.

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