The Top 2 Reasons You Need to Think “SEO”

We recently held a webinar (click here if you missed it) targetting those new to the mobile web and/or new to mobile marketing, who wanted to know more about SEO. We covered a lot of ground and fielded some great questions. One question in particular though was on many attendees’ minds. “Do I really need SEO? Can my site rank without it?” (okay, two questions).


Our Answer: Sure. It will rank somewhere, but will it rank well? Unlikely. What’s the impact of your site not ranking well? Lower traffic to your site. What’s the impact of lower traffic to your site? Lost prospects and lost business.


Why? These two reasons:


1) We’re busy, easily distracted creatures. Especially when we’re mobile.

According to data released by Statistic Brain, our attention spans have dropped from 12 seconds in year 2000, to 8 seconds by 2012 (Source: Statistic Brain). Mobile users also tend to be in a more action-oriented, get-it-done-want-it-now mindset (compared to the typical browse-at-their-leisure desktop users), so attention spans and patience can drop even further. Now! Add in all of the other things outside of a mobile browser that compete for a user’s attention while that user is searching. Which is pretty much anything and everything else going on around them.


So: short attention spans + a go, go, go mindset + a world full of outside distractions.


The net result is that mobile users are not going to spend copious amounts of time browsing through page after page of search engine results. We like options, but we really don’t want too many of them. We cut decision making corners when and where we can all the time. A better deal might be buried on page 8 of a search engine’s return, but if we can find ‘close enough’ on page 1? We’ll typically go with what’s on page 1 so we can keep moving.


How often do you typically go deeper than page 1? 


2) There are lots of other fish in the internet seas competing for a prospective customer’s attention.


Businesses have competitors. It’s likely those competitors have online presences, too. This means that when a potential customer searches for a particular business, they’re going to get back a bunch of options along with the usual internet chaff that is often returned with the desired wheat. It’s just too easy to get buried and lost in all that white noise.


 Enter SEO.


Simply, if you want your mobile site to work effectively as a lead gen tool, helping to get prospective customers into the top of your particular sales funnel, your site needs to rank well. For your site to rank well, you need to work with SEO. You’re competing for leads which directly translates into a competition for ranking position.


Want to see how that competition plays out?


Comparing spot rankings, the top 5 spots net 75.7% of search traffic.

Comparing page rankings: Page 1 grabs 91.5% of search traffic.

 Google Results Graph (1)


Percentage of Google TrafficSource:


So, to answer the question: “Does anybody really need SEO?”  Are you a competitor in a competitive market? Then yes. You need to take SEO seriously.


We believe in that strongly enough that we recently rolled out a brand new SEO service package, specifically for businesses new to the mobile web and new to SEO.


Just Launched! – MoFuse’s “Accelerator” SEO Starter Package

We want to help businesses succeed, and we’re pretty good at this stuff. MoFuse has recently launched the new “Accelerator” SEO Starter Package, and we’re pretty excited about it. It’s designed and priced to allow businesses new to the mobile web and to mobile marketing the ability to get started off on the best SEO foot possible.


Think your business would benefit from working with our team of SEO experts? CLICK HERE!


Agree, disagree, or ‘other’ with the argument that SEO is required to build competitive advantages on the web? Sound off in the comments! We’d love to hear from you. 


33 thoughts on “The Top 2 Reasons You Need to Think “SEO”

  1. Well your data obviously makes a compelling case for being one of the first results on Google if you want to have traffic. But what does Mofuse’s “Accelerator” SEO Starter Package offer that a person won’t otherwise have in terms of SEO? Do you offer publicity campaigns for a website or merely optimize the website for getting indexed on Google?

    • Hi David, thanks for posting!

      With the “Accelerator” SEO package, its focus is on optimization – though it goes a bit above and beyond just optimizing a site for Google. The package is targeting people who have little to no experience with SEO, are taking this stuff seriously, but need help getting started. This is why the package includes a comprehensive report that includes next steps that the business can take to continue working to improve their rankings. So outside of the actual research and execution elements, there’s a fair bit of consultation involved as well. Putting more in the box would not only dilute the focus of the service, but it would also drive the price of the package up. For most local, small, and mid-sized business, price can be a significant barrier. It was our goal to offer professional SEO services at a price that put those services within reach of most smaller businesses.

      I do completely agree though that “next steps” like SEM and reputation management are natural and vital progressions as one builds and executes a comprehensive, ongoing online strategy.

      • Thanks so much for getting back to me! I very much appreciate the thorough response. I can certainly understand the desire to keep costs down in order to keep the “Accelerator” package within reach for small businesses. Thank you for helping me understand the distinction between SEO and reputation management. As you can tell, I’m a bit new at it all.

  2. Hey good post, SEO is very important if you want to be seen, I appreciate you opening my eyes regarding mobile sites, after reading your post it just make sense. even when searching on a mobile site most people don’t browse to the second page so all the important stuff has got to be on the first page-brilliant! thank you so much and catch you later.

  3. Great article, and with so many plugins etc available to help boost your SEO output, there is no excuse for anyone NOT to think about their own SEO practices. I have been working on my own optimization for some time now.

    • It is very very necessary to think about SEO.

      We can get 10 x more traffic is SEO is on proper way.

      thanks for this article.

  4. very useful post about the importance of SEO. It’s becoming imperative nowadays you do SEO for your site. Though after the penguin update creating new content for your site and building content related links are the important thing in SEO now.

  5. Well, SEO is must now a days if your business needs online lead generation either business is rely in small segment or a big brand. Anyways Good Article indeed.

  6. As an internet marketer, sometimes I feel like a time traveler from the future, here to warn everyone what’s going to happen and what the consequences are. We’re at the end of the early stage of SEO, and businesses who are forward-thinking enough to adopt it at this point will be hugely profitable. Those that don’t will be left in the dust!

    If you have a business, it’s important to realize just how many people are looking for you online. And if you’re in the top spot on Google, you’re first in line for all these leads!

    • Hi Brad, thanks for posting!

      Totally agree. Marketing, ultimately, is all about understanding and responding to buyer behavior trends. Currently, the majority of buyers are online using search to find what they’re looking for. Investing in SEO is an important (and, I’d argue, mandatory) acknowledgement of that. You raise another great point by pointing out that optimally, one wants to get ahead of emerging trends instead of constantly reacting to them. Like you say, you want to be first in line for leads, not last!

  7. Great post! this is informative for those who want to see their results in search results it will help a lot to understand and get the desired results of SEO

  8. This post is awesome. I can certainly understand the desire to keep costs down in order to keep the “Accelerator” package within reach for small businesses. Thank you for helping me understand the distinction between SEO and reputation management.

  9. Both points are important indeed. If you don’t catch the eye of these drifting visitors you won’t get them back. And with so many competitor it’s easy to see your website disapear if you don’t do the right choices!

  10. Interesting article, thanks for sharing it! I’m always looking to stay up to date with SEO, it’s true that every site needs it. Will be back for more interesting articles!
    Here’s my blog: Kamiceria’s Blog

  11. I feel that SEO should be done to make sure that your readers are getting satisfied. If you do it for personal gains then it is not very good.

  12. Think you hit the nail on the head when you asked “How often do you go past page one”? Pretty sure 98% of those reading this would respond never, and I doubt most even go to the bottom of the first page. SEO is not going anywhere; although the methodology in performing it will change it will not go away. If you run a business do yourself a favor and at least learn the basics; you will be happy you did.

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