Forms API: Your Mobile Data Connection

Now MoFuse offers you a way to connect directly and instantly to data entered on any mobile form in realtime.

Available now, you can connect your “formsAPI (using the URL of that API) to any mobile form you build and host with MoFuse. Whenever anyone enters data into your mobile form, that data will post immediately to the API (URL) you associate it with. This is the best way for you to ensure you are aware and responsive to any mobile form entries.

To use this feature with existing forms, click to “edit” the form. When creating a new form, you can enter the activate this feature during the forms creation process.

Leave us a message in our Help Center (click Support on the top toolbar) to let us know what you think, or if you have any questions.

Happy Form Building… and exporting!

Check Out Google Checkout!

We’ve just added Google Checkout to our suite of Google Mobile Tools, available to all Small Business and Ultimate plans. This newest addition allows you to add Buy Now buttons anywhere on your site so that customers can make purchases or donations directly on mobile.

Keep reading for a quick how-to, plus some tips and good things to know when using this new feature.

Setting it Up:

1.    If you don’t already have one, set up a Google Merchant ID here:

2.    Copy and paste your Google Merchant ID into the field at the top of the Google Mobile Checkout page on MoFuse, located under Google Mobile Tools. Double check that you entered the entire, correct Merchant ID!

3. Click save.

Laying it Out:

1.    On the Add Elements page, add as many new Buy Now buttons as you need or want on your site.

Note: The “Product Name” functions as the label for each element, but also appears on the Google mobile order form that you will receive. The text entered in Product Name will not appear on your mobile site.

2.    Just as with all other elements, go to the Site Layout page and place your Buy Now button exactly where you want to appear.

A Must Do:

Test your Buy Now button after it has been set up, so you can make sure the customer’s experience is as it should be. If you have problems, double check that you entered the correct Merchant ID.

A few extras:

  • Remember that you can nest elements, including Buy Now buttons. So, place the button on the page you want, under a Page Title, and/or below an Image Element.
  • For all our Not-for-Profit friends, or anyone else who is running a fund-raising campaign, you can also use this button for donations. The Buy Now button cannot be an open amount, so we recommend including 3-4 donation options.
  • At this time, Google has only made the Mobile Checkout available for US Merchants, but we’ll be there when this changes!

Let us know what you think: