MoFuse Joins the 2010 Winter Olympics!

We’re proud to announce that MoFuse was selected to build and host the mobile site for The Vancouver Observer, a top online news publication and go-to source for staying current with the 2010 Winter Olympic Games.

Powered by MoFuse, “Now you can get The Vancouver Observer in the palm of your hand,” Vancouver Observer Publisher Linda Solomon said. “We’ll take you inside the Olympics, to competitions, parties, demonstrations and celebrations. We’ll be on the street and so get us on your mobile device now.”

In keeping with the look and feel of their website, we used Custom CSS on the top page. It renders well on devices like the iPhone and Droid, and although you can’t see the colors from the BlackBerry for example, the site is still nicely optimized for easy navigation and reading.

When it comes to CSS and mobile, generally speaking you can do the following without interfering with how your site renders across most phones:

  • Change colors and font styles
  • Add special font treatments outside the WSIWYG editor (double underline, borders, etc.)
  • Hide elements (For example, you can hide an About Page on the top menu, but link to it from a footer.  On the Vancouver mobile site, this is how we created the footer you see at the bottom of the front page using a Content Block to create links to hidden pages.)

Of course, you do need to keep in mind that you’ll most likely only be able to see these custom treatments on the iPhone or Droid, and not a BlackBerry or feature phone.

To read the full Press Release on Yahoo News, click on Vancouver Observer Goes Mobile for Olympics (

To visit the MoFuse mobile site and to follow the Games, go to