Boost your Mobile Web Traffic with QR Codes

We make managing your QR code activities easy! 

QR, or Quick Response Codes are an excellent way to engage customers to connect with your mobile web site.  The user snaps your QR code and it delivers them immediately to the mobile page that you set up.  You can send them to your primary mobile site or pages within your site – just by associating the mobile URL with the QR code in our QR Code Manager.

Some ideas include: a mobile coupon to use at check out, a mobile landing page with a video that showcases your product, a data capture form to complete a survey, download a newsletter or white paper, or  simply learn more about your company. By delivering these customers to a mobile-optimized landing page, you are marketing your company as being ahead of the competition.

With our QR Manager, we make it easy for you to instantly create and launch a powerful QR Code strategy:

  • QR Labeling: Easily keep track of each of your codes with Labels.  You can now easily label your QR Code by simply clicking on the ‘pencil’ icon in the QR Manager toolbar:
  • Track and Download your QR Activity: Keep track of how many clicks you’ve received over the past week or several months by selecting the analytics icons in the QR Manager toolbar. You can also download your analytics at any time via a .CSV file: