Click to Call Button offered on 80% of Small Business Mobile Websites

As part of our “Being Mobile” blog series, we like to help companies understand how to get the most out of their mobile presence.  To that end, we recently conducted a “State of the Mobile Web” study to find out more about how and when people browse the mobile web, and what content or features are most utilized.

One of the main findings in this report was that 80 percent of our small business mobile websites offer a click-to-call button.

What is Click to Call?

Click to Call is a mobile website feature that allows visitors to click a button on a mobile webpage and, using the features of the phone, place a call to a specified phone number.  Click to Call has become popular because it allows visitors to take an immediate action and simplifies the effort involved in getting in touch.

MoFuse customers can easily add click to call capabilities to their mobile websites by simply adding the click to call element when they build a mobile website. We also offer a click to SMS feature, which works great for people in a noisy area or simply cannot call at that time but want a quick answer to a question.

Learn more about tracking click-t0-call activity on your mobile website.

Want to learn more about mobile web browsing behavior? Download the State of the Mobile Web report today.