Store Locator – For Stores…and More!

It’s not just about driving traffic to your mobile site, but it’s also about using your mobile site to drive traffic to your place of business or provided services. Fortunately, the solution for this is already available on the MoFuse Mobile Web Platform.

The MoFuse Store Locator is a surprisingly versatile mobile web based tool that mobile site designers can use to help their mobile visitors find anything from restaurants, store fronts, medical offices, churches, and more!

Have a franchise or multiple store or office locationsHelp your customers find the closest location to them!

Hosting an upcoming event or a series of events? Make it easy for your guests to get where they’re going!

Are you using your mobile site to drive local tourismEnhance your visitors’ experience by making it easy for them to find local landmarks or places of interest!

Creating a Store Locator file is easy. Simply fill out an Excel template with information for each location and then upload it within your MoFuse dashboard. Then add that Store Locator site element to your mobile site like you would any other site element. Your mobile site visitors will then be able to find locations within 100 miles of a given zip code (US & Canada only). They can also choose to take advantage of the GPS function of their mobile phone and using the ‘Use Current Location’ option, use their current geo-location instead – a feature that works anywhere in the world for domestic or international addresses!