Best of Mobile Web: Mobile Holiday Shopping Surges

Here is our latest round up of what is happening in the world of the mobile web:

1. ” 81 Percent of Smartphone Owners have Accessed a Mobile Retail Site; App,” from Mobile Commerce Daily.

Whether it is for researching or directly shopping, consumers are interacting with retailers in multiple ways on their mobile devices, according to a new study from the Interactive Advertising Bureau.

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2. “Smartphone-only Mobile Commerce up 221% on Thanksgiving, Up 128% on Black Friday,” from TechCrunch.

In total, on Thanksgiving, Branding Brand’s index showed:

  • 3,086,154 visitors (63% iOS; 32% Android)
  • 17,364,602 page views (62% iOS; 33% Android)
  • 29,880 orders (70% iOS; 29% Android)
  • $81 average order value ($81 iOS; $80 Android)
  • 20.25% of total e-commerce traffic came from smartphones

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3.  ”Smartphone Shoppers Expected to Spend 72pc More than Non-smartphone Shoppers: Study,” from Mobile Commerce Daily

According to Deloitte’s newest round of findings, 68 percent of smartphone users plan to use their devices this holiday season to shop. Smartphone owners are expected to spend $1,428 on gifts this holiday season.

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4. “Cyber Monday Sales are Already up 26 Percent; iPhone Driving Most Traffic to Retail Sites,” from TechCrunch

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5.  ”Pew: 56 Percent of all Mobile Users Access the Internet,” from MarketingLand.

According to some new survey data released over the weekend by the Pew Internet & American Life Project, 56 percent of all mobile phone owners in the US access the internet. In addition, Pew says that 85 percent of all US adults now own a mobile phone.

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Best of the Mobile Web: Mobile for SMBs and NPOs

Here is our latest round up of what is happening in the world of the mobile web:

1. “BIA/Kelsey: Small Businesses Diving into Mobile,” from Mobile Marketing Watch.

14.7 percent report having a mobile website, with another 22 percent saying they intend to add one within the next 12 months.

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2.  ”Mobile Giving Could Account for 20pc of Superstorm Sandy Relief Efforts,” from Mobile Commerce Daily.

Mobile is playing a bigger role in disaster relief efforts as mobile phone penetration grows and users become aware of how easy it is to make a donation this way.

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3.  ”The M-Election: Mobility Enhances Donations and Citizen Scrutiny,” from Mediapost.

Payvia predicts that in the 2016 Presidential cycle 50% of donors will use mobile means to support candidates. This method will become increasingly important to the 2014 House and Senate races. Campaigns may well use devices to live stream events to a broader audience. The company also contends that social media sites for candidates typically will have text-to-donate options. By 2016, payvia says we should see a fully “mobilized electorate,” which donates, interacts with campaigns and even votes over their mobile devices.

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4.  ”50 Percent are Sharing Coupons, Mobile Ads via Smartphones,” from MarketingLand.

50 percent indicated they shared coupons, sales information and ads at least once a month, with 19 percent of that group saying that they shared this type of information 3 or more times per month.

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Best Practices for NPO Mobile Websites

Mobile websites have quickly become a dominant channel through which not-for-profit organizations can connect and engage with the communities they serve.  Our new white paper, Mobile Web Best Practices for Nonprofit Organizations details best practices for creating mobile websites that drive successful membership and mobile giving campaigns, promote events, and offer outreach and support.

The white paper offers some quick tips, such as 5 Things Every Nonprofit Mobile Website Should Include:

1.  Sign up form

One of a nonprofit‘s most important assets is its list.  This list is used for membership drives, fundraisers, event invites, and general communication.  Make it easy for your visitors to sign up for your email, SMS or mailing list through a simple-to-use data collection form.

2.  Donation feature

NPO mobile websites can facilitate “impulse giving” from QR codes, socially shared links, and TV or radio calls to action.  It is critical to make your optimized donation form front and center on your mobile site so that visitors can donate anytime, anywhere.  Keep in mind that using a mobile website to collect donations can actually be more effective than text-to-donate campaigns because you are able to cut out the middleman (the carrier) and get immediate access to the funds.

3.  Contact information

Make it easy for your members and constituents to get in touch with a simple-to-use click to call or click-to-SMS button or business locator.

4.  Social sharing

We know that people spend more time accessing social networks from mobile devices than desktops so you also need to ensure that people can share your content with their social networks, such as Facebook and Twitter, from your mobile site. You might also want to consider incorporating polls, Twitter feeds, Flikr photos, and other social content.

5.  Current news

Mobile websites are one way to keep your visitors connected with what is happening in your organization.  Nonprofits should add RSS feeds for their blog, events, and press releases.  This content will keep the site fresh, provide a reason to come back, and help support mobile SEO efforts.

To learn more about the benefits not-for-profit (NPO) organizations can gain through a mobile website, download the complete white paper today.

Aaron Ball, Mobile Web Expert… And At Your Service

Chances are, if you’ve used our Help Desk or needed some advanced support, you’ve spoken to or exchanged emails with Aaron.
Born in Australia, Aaron has spent the last 12 years in the United States.  A graduate of Brown University, with a Masters in Innovation Management and Entrepreneurship, he has been with MoFuse for over 3 years.   Aaron knows the mobile web like no one else.  From creating beautiful mobile sites to helping customers link their mobile site forms to their databases, Aaron is the guy to connect with to make it happen.
Aaron works in our West Coast office and when he’s not  helping our customers with their most difficult support questions, you will likely find him hiking Muir Woods or any number of beautiful places in California.

Lately he has managed to find time to study for his US Citizenship exam.  We’re pleased to announce that he has passed with flying colors and officially became a US citizen on Friday November 2nd.  Just in time to cast his vote in the upcoming election!   Although he still has that fun Aussie accent, Aaron is now a US Citizen.  We are very proud that he is part of our team.

Congratulations, Aaron!