Aaron Ball, Mobile Web Expert… And At Your Service

Chances are, if you’ve used our Help Desk or needed some advanced support, you’ve spoken to or exchanged emails with Aaron.
Born in Australia, Aaron has spent the last 12 years in the United States.  A graduate of Brown University, with a Masters in Innovation Management and Entrepreneurship, he has been with MoFuse for over 3 years.   Aaron knows the mobile web like no one else.  From creating beautiful mobile sites to helping customers link their mobile site forms to their databases, Aaron is the guy to connect with to make it happen.
Aaron works in our West Coast office and when he’s not  helping our customers with their most difficult support questions, you will likely find him hiking Muir Woods or any number of beautiful places in California.

Lately he has managed to find time to study for his US Citizenship exam.  We’re pleased to announce that he has passed with flying colors and officially became a US citizen on Friday November 2nd.  Just in time to cast his vote in the upcoming election!   Although he still has that fun Aussie accent, Aaron is now a US Citizen.  We are very proud that he is part of our team.

Congratulations, Aaron!