Best of the Mobile Web: Mobile for SMBs and NPOs

Here is our latest round up of what is happening in the world of the mobile web:

1. “BIA/Kelsey: Small Businesses Diving into Mobile,” from Mobile Marketing Watch.

14.7 percent report having a mobile website, with another 22 percent saying they intend to add one within the next 12 months.

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2.  ”Mobile Giving Could Account for 20pc of Superstorm Sandy Relief Efforts,” from Mobile Commerce Daily.

Mobile is playing a bigger role in disaster relief efforts as mobile phone penetration grows and users become aware of how easy it is to make a donation this way.

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3.  ”The M-Election: Mobility Enhances Donations and Citizen Scrutiny,” from Mediapost.

Payvia predicts that in the 2016 Presidential cycle 50% of donors will use mobile means to support candidates. This method will become increasingly important to the 2014 House and Senate races. Campaigns may well use devices to live stream events to a broader audience. The company also contends that social media sites for candidates typically will have text-to-donate options. By 2016, payvia says we should see a fully “mobilized electorate,” which donates, interacts with campaigns and even votes over their mobile devices.

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4.  ”50 Percent are Sharing Coupons, Mobile Ads via Smartphones,” from MarketingLand.

50 percent indicated they shared coupons, sales information and ads at least once a month, with 19 percent of that group saying that they shared this type of information 3 or more times per month.

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