HTML5, Responsive Web Design, and Native Mobile – FIGHT!

Fielding anything for the first time is always a bit nerve wracking, and a webinar series is no exception. The first webinar in our ‘Mobile Mastery‘ series ┬áproved to be a tremendous success however (tremendous to the point that even we were caught off guard by attendance numbers and the amount of positive feedback graciously shared afterwards).

A question that we and our partners hear often is: What really is the difference between responsive web design and natively hosted mobile web platforms, and how does HTML5 fit in with everything? Is HTML5 a competing technology? Is it a supporting technology?

Our recently released webinar takes a look at responsive web design, and how HTML5 really seems to be helping to mainstream it. We also explore natively hosted mobile web platforms, and discuss how HTML5 is really helping to bridge the gap between the features and performance of native mobile applications and the reach and accessibility of the mobile web. Then we dig into which, definitively, is the best solution.

(answer: it depends)

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HTML5, Responsive Web Deisgn, and Native Mobile – FIGHT!