What is a “Brick and Mobile” Strategy?

Once upon a time, I worked in retail. I worked out of the Boston-based flagship store for a regional, now unfortunately defunct, musical instrument retailer. We, like many brick and mortar retailers, regularly found ourselves fighting an uphill battle with the internet – an uphill battle that was incredibly one-sided. Customers would come in, pull a guitar, bass, whatever off the wall, plug-in, and spend their afternoon demoing the gear they were interested in. Then after spending time finding the product that they were interested in purchasing, they would leave the store, search online for competing prices, and make their actual purchase from a competing retailer.
So even though the in-stock merchandise and customer service were enough attract customers to the store, consumer behavior had changed enough to the point that converting those potential customers into actual sales was incredibly difficult (thus the “…now unfortunately defunct…” bit).
Fortuantely, mobile has completely changed the playing field.
The key? Google reports that over 70% of mobile shoppers will use their device while shopping in-store. This means that it’s time to re-envision “brick and mortars” as “brick and mobiles”, by creating and executing in-store mobile tactics in order to capture your in-store customers and turn them into sales.
1. First and foremost, have a mobile website that features easy to use mapping and store locator features, click-to-call and custom contact or order forms. Don’t yet have a mobile website? We can help.

  • If you’d like to build it yourself: Click Here.
  • But if you think you might want a hand: Click Here

2. Mobile Coupons. MoFuse just released their own mobile coupon manager. It’s pretty cool. For more information about it: Click Here

3. QR Codes. These can become your new best friends.

  • They can help drive traffic to your mobile site. Embed your mobile URL into a QR code, and then using that QR code in print advertising.
  • QR codes can also be used in-store to tremendous effect. Create dedicated mobile landing pages for especially hot or popular products, then create custom QR codes linked to each of those specific landing pages. Incorporate those QR codes into in-store signage, so when customers want more information about a particular product, you’ve leveraged yourself as their primary online resource.
  • Be pro-active about getting out in front of their price comparison shopping. Integrate your new mobile coupons with your display advertising using QR codes. The new MoFuse mobile coupon manager creates unique, dedicated URLs for each mobile coupon for just this reason. Drive in-store promotions and sales with this powerful combo. The MoFuse mobile coupon manager will even let you upload your own barcode images, or we’ll generate them for you, so your customers can redeem their coupons at point-of-sale.

4. Opt-In SMS Marketing.  People like to stay informed about things they care about. Keep them abreast of special promotions, in-store events, or industry news. Geo-location based SMS services even let you reach out to people when they’re nearby. Perfect for driving impulse buyers through the door. MoFuse can help here, too. We’re rolling out our own SMS marketing program so if you’ve been thinking SMS, give us a call.
Mobile has empowered retailers with formidable and fantastic tools, making this an incredibly exciting time to be in retail.
Also, if you’re not already a MoFuse customer, you can explore these tools for yourself by taking advantage of our free trial offer.

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