Integrating Mobile Sites With iApps

It’s become a standard feature on most mobile devices, that users can save a mobile website to their mobile desktop as a ‘mobile appbookmark. Users can then interact with the mobile site in the same manner as they would interact with a mobile application.

But maybe you want to build an actual application out of your mobile site? Or you want to embed parts of your mobile site into an app like a product page, or a mobile coupon? For iPhones, it’s do-able, though it does require a bit of iOS application development know-how.

UIWebView offers a wrapper that allows mobile web sites to be neatly embedded into mobile applications.

A nice tutorial with some example code can be found here:

Or, go straight to the source:

But maybe you’re still wondering which mobile solution – mobile web vs. a mobile app, or both – would be the “right” one for you? Joe Russo and I explored this topic in depth in a recent webinar. Just click below to view a recording of it:

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