Custom Mobile Website Design For Small Business

Custom Mobile Website Design

You may think that getting a custom mobile site designed specifically for your business is beyond your budget, but think again.  Today there are many tools and content management platforms developed specifically for mobile web, and that means a custom mobile site is less expensive to build than you think!

There are some critical reasons why a separate ‘designed for a mobile‘ site is the essential to driving your business these days. The world is now continuously connected to the Internet. At any time and in any place, customers may be trying to access your business information with the nearest device!  That’s likely to be their smartphone. A custom mobile website will give you the best chance to connect with them when and where they want your services.

Is a separate mobile site necessary or is responsive design the right path? 

Responsive designed websites can work for certain types of businesses – for example news and those with rapidly changing dynamic content.  However for most businesses everything on your desktop website does not belong on a mobile site.  A responsive site creates a long view, cramming it all in no matter what. This may cause your customers to do too much ‘work’ to get to the most important info for a mobile viewer.   Mobile users are in a different mode; the best practice is to give them the functions and interactions most appropriate for their mobile ‘mode’.

The image at the top of this article is from a site that we built for Hometown Urgent Care. If you visit their desktop site you will see a great deal of information. Their custom built mobile site was built by MoFuse to include a Geo-aware locator and easy access to their hours and services. Their mobile site was designed for urgency first: fast load and essential information for a mobile viewer.

Three Essential Elements of Custom Mobile Website Design For Small Business

There are many companies now that offer low cost custom mobile site building. MoFuse offers mobile builds that fit every budget.  Also we use our content management platform to keep the costs down building the site and keeping it up to date.

1. For the mobile screen, first order of business is load time – a successful mobile site requires load time to a 4 second or less.  Consider fewer and smaller images on that front page.

2. Provide an immediacy of information for the mobile viewer – they are likely looking for different content from your business when they are out and about.

3.Give them easy communication back to your business through click to call, data forms, or click to SMS.

MoFuse offers full custom mobile site building services if you are interested in having a mobile design specialist to build your site for your budget!

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