We’ve Updated Our Billing System – Action Required!

If you are currently paying for your subscription with a credit card, please choose one of the following steps to update your account:

1) Do it yourself now: Complete the form on this page: http://mofuse.com/billing-migration


2) Call Us: 888-663-8738, press 2 for Billing

Why are we asking you to do this?

To protect your credit information, we never store any credit card data.  Now that we have migrated to the new system, we need to capture this information again, to keep your account and mobile sites live. 

Why you’ll love this change:

  • Review & print your billing statements from inside your account
  • View your one-time services and any additional fees, also inside your account
  • Keep your sites active! Automated expiration notifications and billing notices so your sites stay active as long as you want them to be

Thank you for your help!

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