Platform Update Release – RSS: From Mobile to Desktop

RSS icon

RSS stands for ‘Really Simple Syndication’, and it’s aptly named. We’ve always loved RSS for how easy it makes integrating blogs and more into a MoFuse mobile website. In fact, MoFuse got its start doing just that! Helping people take their blogs mobile.


Today we’re rolling out an update that expands on our already robust support for RSS feeds. The update will allow users to click an article published to a mobile website via an RSS feed, and navigate directly to the desktop site version of that article. Perfect for publishers who want tighter integration between their mobile and desktop sites, and for those who want to make additional, related resources available for their readers, but who know that those extra resources may not be the best fit for their mobile site*.


Also in other ‘Celebrity Sighting’ News, our own Annette Tonti will be speaking at an upcoming ‘Marketing Goes Mobile event on Thursday, March 7! Click Here for Additional Information!


 *For additional information, check out our recent webinar that explains why it’s important to differentiate between the right mobile website content vs. the rest of your desktop website content: Just Click Here!