Platform Update: High Resolution Images Enhance Websites On Mobile

Once upon a time, mobile devices and mobile networks were constrained by low res displays and low wireless data network speeds. The MoFuse mobile content management platform had some clever ways to manage and serve images, optimizing its image handling to ably work within those past constraints in order to assure quick page load times and an excellent overall user experience.  


Now, the need for that type of image optimization is declining as a growing number of mobile devices capable of displaying high res images are finding their way to market, and many data networks are now fast enough to handle the extra data associated with serving those larger images with little to no impact on an end user’s experience.


We’ve recently rolled out a new update to our mobile content management platform that will allow users the option to serve high res images in all their high res glory!


To take advantage of this option:


1)  Log into your MoFuse account and click on: acntstngs

2) Scroll down and you’ll see a new option:



  • By default, image resizing is disabled - which means that by default, images will be handled as they’ve always been, and will be optimized regardless of their original size and resolution. If you know that most of your traffic is not using mobile devices that support high res displays, and/or you know most of your traffic is on a mobile network that doesn’t support higher data speeds, it’s recommended that you leave the default setting configured.


  • If however you do want to be able to serve high resolution images? Simply enable the feature (i.e. enable the disable…), and you’re all set. No need to re-upload your previously uploaded high res images.


Not sure what you should do? Check out your on-platform mobile analytics and take a look at the “Top 10 Devices” and “Top 10 Carriers” data. Mobile analytics in action!