The Value of Mobile Websites

As with any marketing channel, there is always the question of value. Mobile websites are an important new marketing channel. How much ‘R’ will I get on my ‘I’, and in what sort of time frame? Regardless if your desired return is measured in revenue, sales, new leads, search engine ranking, or ‘other’, that return needs to justify the investment for any particular channel to have value.   


The mobile web is still a very new and maturing channel, and because of that, the tools that are available that offer actionable insight (keyword: actionable) are also in a state of maturation and development. Mobile analytics can offer an incredible window into customer context and engagement. But in many ways, it can just be all so much data, and data alone doesn’t communicate or demonstrate actual value.


google value of mobile calculator

Google recently released a really slick, neat-o tool designed to help users use their data to understand the value that mobile is giving them.


Outside of the utility of this new ‘mobile value calculator’, one of the most important takeaways is that the calculator is designed around measuring cross-channel mobile marketing strategies. For those of you who have attended any of our past webinars, this is a concept you should be familiar with. We tend to bring it up frequently. Why? Because therein lies the true value of mobile marketing. Its ability to be everywhere.


You can check out Google’s “Value of Mobile” calculator for yourself here:


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