Find Your Mobile Keywords – Mobile Search Tip #2


Searching for businesses on a mobile device is a #1 activity for mobile people.  Matter of fact your customers are searching for a business just like yours – nearby you now.

Did you know that Google Adwords has a keyword tool specific to search terms being used on mobile devices?  Even better, you can find exact words being searched in your location!  These keywords should be used on your mobile website in order to optimize for mobile search activity.  When you are building mobile web sites make sure you consider mobile specific keywords.

How does your mobile site get found?

If you have a desktop site  please start by integrating your mobile site to help your traffic get to the right display.  Automatic redirect of mobile visitors to your mobile site isn’t hard to do.  Instructions can be found here.

You will also want to find keywords relevant to your mobile audience in your location.  Add these keywords to the text of your mobile site – this will help!

Go to Google Adwords tool.  Put in your keyword search terms and add your location.  Be specific for example: Appliance Repair Gary, Indiana or Pizza, restaurant Cincinnati, OH


Make sure you select “All mobile devices” in the “Show ideas and Statistics for” area.  I think you will find it very interesting to see how many people are searching for terms that are important to you and your business – using their mobile web browser!