Mobile Websites Build Your Business – Getting Mobile Traffic

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Mobile website traffic is on the rise. Mobile traffic to local business sites saw tremendous growth in Q4 2012 at 27%. Traffic to local sites is growing faster than mobile traffic generally across the internet. For some businesses mobile traffic is higher than desktop.  Yelp said that 55 percent of all its searches are now from mobile.  You should be grabbing some of that traffic for your own business!

To capture your mobile traffic you need to integrate your mobile website with your desktop site. The reason: any time a mobile website viewer is clicking your desktop URL they will automatically be brought to the mobile website. This will ensure the best results for your mobile viewers – which are on the rise – and ultimately those viewers will build your business.  Redirecting traffic is key to promote your mobile website and build your business.

We offer a quick and easy way to integrate your mobile website with desktop so you capture your trafficredirect icon.  It starts with what  is called ‘automatic redirect code’ which can be found on the dashboard. 

You simple click the button to copy the redirect code and then paste it anywhere between the <head> and </head> tags for of your Desktop web site.

If you are not sure how to get to your desktop code – we have  ‘quick steps’ for a number of common and not so common hosting providers.  These  “how to’s”  in the Knowledge Base .  Here is a quick link to the Knowlege Base page focused on Redirect. 

Also if you need extra help we are here!  Please contact us at