When Is a Link Element, Not Just a Link Element?

A quick MoFuse feature tip this week, as I know we’re all (in the U.S. at least) gearing up for the upcoming holiday weekend. One question I hear fairly often is, “Is it possible to create a “Click-to-Email” or “Click-to-SMS” button on the MoFuse platform?”


Answer: Yes! And it’s easy.



The ‘Link’ site element’s core function is pretty self-explanatory. It allows MoFuse users the ability to create a clickable button or bar that looks just like those that are automatically created with a new mobile web page, only with a custom-defined target URL.


What’s great about Link is that it’s not limited to http:// URLS!


Want to set up…?


  • Click-to-Email: Use theĀ mailto: tag.
  • Click-to-SMS: Use theĀ sms: tag.


Fer instance:

Link Example