Get Found, Get Business! Now Available: MoFuse’s NEW “Accelerator” SEO Package!

Announcing! The NEW MoFuse “Accelerator” SEO Package!



It’s a big world out there, and it’s filled with mobile consumers trying to find and connect with the right businesses. The majority of mobile consumers (67%!) turn to search engines to help make that happen. But typing some keywords into a search engine is only the first step! Consumers then need to wade through the long list of businesses that the search engine returns, to find what and who they’re looking for.


Now is not the time to get lost in the crowd. You want your business front and center. You want customers to notice you first, not your competitors.


How do you make sure your business stands out? SEO, or search engine optimization! A solid SEO strategy not only makes it easier for customers to find you, but it also drives your mobile website higher in search engine rankings. The higher your mobile site’s ranking? The more likely your mobile site will be seen.


This means more traffic, which means more business.


MoFuse Mobile Marketing is announcing the launch of the brand new MoFuse “Accelerator” SEO package. It’s designed to help businesses new to the mobile web, and/or new to SEO, get started on the right foot with a cost-effective, comprehensive SEO solution from a team that knows mobile marketing.


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