The Top 2 Reasons You Need to Think “SEO”

We recently held a webinar (click here if you missed it) targetting those new to the mobile web and/or new to mobile marketing, who wanted to know more about SEO. We covered a lot of ground and fielded some great questions. One question in particular though was on many attendees’ minds. “Do I really need SEO? Can my site rank without it?” (okay, two questions).


Our Answer: Sure. It will rank somewhere, but will it rank well? Unlikely. What’s the impact of your site not ranking well? Lower traffic to your site. What’s the impact of lower traffic to your site? Lost prospects and lost business.


Why? These two reasons:


1) We’re busy, easily distracted creatures. Especially when we’re mobile.

According to data released by Statistic Brain, our attention spans have dropped from 12 seconds in year 2000, to 8 seconds by 2012 (Source: Statistic Brain). Mobile users also tend to be in a more action-oriented, get-it-done-want-it-now mindset (compared to the typical browse-at-their-leisure desktop users), so attention spans and patience can drop even further. Now! Add in all of the other things outside of a mobile browser that compete for a user’s attention while that user is searching. Which is pretty much anything and everything else going on around them.


So: short attention spans + a go, go, go mindset + a world full of outside distractions.


The net result is that mobile users are not going to spend copious amounts of time browsing through page after page of search engine results. We like options, but we really don’t want too many of them. We cut decision making corners when and where we can all the time. A better deal might be buried on page 8 of a search engine’s return, but if we can find ‘close enough’ on page 1? We’ll typically go with what’s on page 1 so we can keep moving.


How often do you typically go deeper than page 1? 


2) There are lots of other fish in the internet seas competing for a prospective customer’s attention.


Businesses have competitors. It’s likely those competitors have online presences, too. This means that when a potential customer searches for a particular business, they’re going to get back a bunch of options along with the usual internet chaff that is often returned with the desired wheat. It’s just too easy to get buried and lost in all that white noise.


 Enter SEO.


Simply, if you want your mobile site to work effectively as a lead gen tool, helping to get prospective customers into the top of your particular sales funnel, your site needs to rank well. For your site to rank well, you need to work with SEO. You’re competing for leads which directly translates into a competition for ranking position.


Want to see how that competition plays out?


Comparing spot rankings, the top 5 spots net 75.7% of search traffic.

Comparing page rankings: Page 1 grabs 91.5% of search traffic.

 Google Results Graph (1)


Percentage of Google TrafficSource:


So, to answer the question: “Does anybody really need SEO?”  Are you a competitor in a competitive market? Then yes. You need to take SEO seriously.


We believe in that strongly enough that we recently rolled out a brand new SEO service package, specifically for businesses new to the mobile web and new to SEO.


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Agree, disagree, or ‘other’ with the argument that SEO is required to build competitive advantages on the web? Sound off in the comments! We’d love to hear from you.