3 Ways to Make Your Mobile Website A Mobile Lead Generation Machine

customers in line

The most important thing you can do to grow your business today is to get a mobile website. Why?  A mobile site will help your search rankings and this will help your business to get found when people are searching, especially in your neighborhood. Once they get to your mobile website, you have their focus and attention like never before. This special moment gives you the best chance to get them to engage with your business.


First impressions are so important.

In the first few seconds give the audience clear options to interact. Mobile viewers don’t have time to ‘mess around’.  They are in a task oriented mode and want immediate answers.  Don’t let them down.  It’s your opportunity to delight them and to get them interacting with your company.

Learn from Lead Experts

Marchex is in the business of generating leads and mobile is very important to their efforts. John Busby, senior vice president of the Marchex Institute said recently “Mobile is becoming increasingly important for lead generation as consumers turn more and more to their mobile phones to search for services and view a greater share of media,” For local business he also said  “Our data show that campaigns convert into appointments at a 50 percent rate and average conversions (sales) average more than 25 percent,” We’ve seen this with local categories, such as exterminators or plumbers, and national campaigns for categories such as cable & satellite TV providers, travel or storage.”

Converting to an ‘appointment’ can be a click to call, filling out a form, or getting an in person visit to your business.   You might also guess that click-to-call tends to be the favorite type of lead coming from a mobile site.


Here are 3 ways to make your mobile site a lead generation machine:

1. Think Conversion First

What does a conversion mean to your business?  Perhaps it is filling out a quick form to get a free estimate, or make an appointment.  Maybe it is to visit your restaurant or call your  auto repair service.  You’ll want the most important conversion activity to come first on your mobile site.

2. Measure That Most Important Action

The phone call to your business is the most likely lead coming from your mobile site.  Make sure you can track these to learn time of day and places where these call in leads occurred.  With your MoFuse mobile site you have all of this information at your fingertips through Action Tracking.      John Busby also said, “Consumers are much more likely to make a phone call from their smartphones than fill out a form for a number of reasons – smartphones can be clunky for form-fills,” he said. “And it’s a phone, after all”.

Consider using an action phrase instead of your actual phone number on the button of your mobile site.   You can use a phrase like ‘call now for an estimate’ or ‘order now’ which gives people clear direction.

3. Give them a reason to return

Special discounts or deals just for mobile visitors is an excellent idea.  When people go to your mobile site you have all of their attention!  This is a perfect moment to build loyalty.  As long a you have the core bases covered like click to call and directions to your business, why not add some special incentives.   As mobile continues to evolve you will want to use it to target those most loyal to your business.  Mobile gives them tremendous convenience and gives you a quick but powerful way to get them coming back to buy more.