5 Reasons Why Online Call Advertising is Better for Local Business

923068_90849482Today’s local business customers are mobile. They’re using the mobile web to find local businesses, and they’re looking for local businesses because they want to do business. Having a presence on the mobile web is essential, yes. But the goal has shifted. It’s no longer enough to ‘just be’ on the mobile web. Now, it’s all about turning mobile search and mobile web traffic into phone calls. That’s where mobile online call advertising comes in.


But many local business owners aren’t sure if investing in online call advertising is the right choice, especially when many of them have been investing in offline print advertising like the Yellow Pages for years.   So why consider making the switch from offline to online call advertising?


1) Search engines are capturing today’s search traffic, not the Yellow Pages

Be where people are looking!

Once upon a time, advertising in the Yellow Pages made sense for local businesses. Not having access to internet search engines, the Yellow Pages were the primary resource for the majority of consumers looking for a local business to call. But now, consumers have access to internet search engines, and their smartphones allow them to take those search engines with them wherever they go. The majority of today’s consumers (67.2% to be precise) are using mobile search to find local businesses. (Source: Mediative) If you have a local business and you don’t have a mobile-optimized website hosting an online call ad campaign, you’re missing call opportunities.


2) It’s easy

And how many things can you say that about, when it comes to running a local business?

In most cases, a local business wanting to run a mobile online call ad campaign will work with a service provider, or ‘publisher’. The publisher builds and runs the campaign, handles campaign tracking and reporting, and generally does the lion’s share of the marketing work, leaving the business owner with plenty of free hands to take the generated calls from qualified leads. On the mobile consumer’s end, it’s even easier. With the help of integrated click-to-call on the local businesses mobile website and in search results, all a new customer has to do is tap the phone number once to initiate the call.


3) Mobile Online Call Advertising is cheaper and offers a no risk solution to the mobile advertiser

Costs less, without the risk, AND you can track campaign performance? What’s the catch?

Not to keep taking shots at the Yellow Pages, but when comparing offline vs. online call advertising, it’s hard to find a better example of traditional offline advertising. Forbes published an article by Kern Lewis back in 2011 that’s still very relevant. In the article, Mr. Lewis makes the observation that advertising in the Yellow Pages is not a small undertaking. It requires a year-long commitment, paid up front, and there is no easy way to track the performance of a Yellow Pages campaign. Additionally, depending on the value of one new customer or sale, the number of leads a Yellow Pages’ ad would need to generate can be substantial just to break even, let alone turn a profit.


By contrast, mobile online call advertising follows a “pay per qualified lead” model where costs are driven by, and only by, actual performance. Businesses only pay for qualified leads generated by the mobile call advertising campaign. There are no prohibitive upfront costs, and no need for any finger crossing. Also thanks to the built-in campaign tracking tools, it’s very easy to track campaign performance and know how many calls the campaign is generating. Finally, there are typically no long-term commitments. Campaigns are usually run month-to-month, so if a business decides mobile online call advertising isn’t for them? They can usually cancel their contract immediately. No catch.


4) Easy to update

Business isn’t static, so why should the ads be?

Offline print-based ads are by their very nature static and unchanging. This is a poor match for the changing needs of local businesses and their customers. Mobile online call advertising campaign’s are typically built around mobile websites or mobile landing pages (which are simple to build and update on the MoFuse mobile web platform). This makes it easy to run things like seasonal ads, or incorporate custom mobile coupons (which are also easy to create on the MoFuse platform).


5) Allows action oriented consumers to take action immediately

If a mobile consumer is looking for a local business online? It’s because they want to immediately connect with that business.

Mobile consumers are action-oriented. If they’re looking for a business online with their mobile devices, it’s because they have a goal. They want to accomplish something now, not later. Click on the below thumbnail to see what’s driving mobile consumers to call a local business directly, instead of browsing a website, filling out an online form, or sending an email. Mobile consumers searching for local businesses, want to talk to people at those businesses. Barriers between businesses and their customers are bad. Mobile online call advertising



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