Top 3 Reasons Local Business Need A Mobile Strategy


First in a series on mobile strategy for local business

Local Businesses now have a unique tool to connect with their customers in new and meaningful ways: Mobile Technology.  But there are so many new mobile technologies out there how can you even know how to think about it?  We recommend you keep these 2 simple concepts in mind as you approach your mobile strategy:


  • How do I get new customers using Mobile technology?
  • How do I keep my current customers using Mobile technology?


Here are the top 3 reasons why a local merchant needs a mobile strategy now:

1. We Have An Easy Tool To Find Things And We Want It Now!

Smartphones are in the majority now.  You can assume that every customer has a mobile phone with them, whether they are walking in to a store or sitting on the couch watching a movie and thinking about getting a pizza.   This one fact changes the game dramatically for local business.

Mobile phones satisfy our basic human urge of ‘want it now, go get it now’ like never before.

Mobile has fed the urge of “I want it now” like no other technology.  The time between thinking of it and actually getting it has completely changed.  While the desktop Internet started this behavior, mobile browsers dramatically shorten the time between ‘thinking about it and getting it’.

People are searching everywhere and all of the time.  Customer’s expectations have shifted and the local merchant needs to understand what that means in the context of their own business.

What can you do now?   Get a mobile presence.  That means start with a  mobile website.  Your business must be mobile ready for the search engines to find it. Mobile strategy means getting your business on the mobile web.


2. Search Rules The Mobile Landscape

Local merchants have a unique opportunity and a threat, like never before.  We’re all searching using our mobile phone browser and that means a business needs a strategy to get in front of the mobile search crowd.  The Search engines take a merchant’s mobile presence into account when they rank mobile search results.  That means if someone is in Sarasota Florida and looking for a salon, Google will find those ‘nearby them now’.  If you aren’t mobile your business won’t show up!  If you do show up, you get one quick shot to connect with them now.

What can you do now?  Mobile strategy means making sure your mobile website is well positioned for search. That means  you will need to get your business into social networks (Facebook, Google+), get your business in to directories, get a mobile site and make sure the content of the mobile site contains keywords.


3. A Click Is No Longer A Click

Before mobile a click was just a click, and merchants barely knew that it happened on their website. Now the first click is often Click to Call your business and this changes everything.  That ‘search device’ being a phone means the next step after search is calling you. From restaurants to motorcycle parts, we see all types of local business getting lots of mobile attention.  To be included in search results on mobile means they are one click away from connecting with you by phone, and they will. Mobile strategy means taking advantage of mobile to get new customers. Click to call is your closest connection!

What Can You Do Now?

Get into a program of Click to Call Lead generation.  You’ll find out exactly who is getting to your mobile site and it gets them one click away from calling you. These programs allow you to only  pay for qualified leads that get to you from the click to call button of mobile.