Responsive Web Design Is Coming – Mobile Web Evolution!


MoFuse has been in the business of providing mobile web solutions since 2008.  Over the past 6 years, so much has changed!  The advances in browser and handset technologies have been tremendous and now it is time to take advantage of new capabilities in mobile display.


Depending on your business and your specific needs, you may want a ‘native’ mobile website or you may prefer one site that ‘morphs’ depending on the device using it.  We believe that there is a need to offer both a ‘mobile only’ and a responsive solution in the future and that is what we will provide.


What is ‘responsive web design’?   It means that one website is created, one code base and it is hosted on one domain.   This website will automatically display differently depending on the device that the viewer is using.   All of the information of the desktop site will be available to the mobile viewer, however the information ‘stacks’ in the mobile view. Mobile web created from responsive may require additional scrolling by the user, but all of the information from your desktop will be available.


Some of our customers are looking to create an entirely new website and using a responsive solution makes a lot of sense for these customers.   Others do not want the heavier responsive website, or their mobile site requires a fast, efficient mobile only approach. We will give you both options.

Responsive design does not solve all of the problems and we will continue to give you advice to find out which method (responsive or ‘native mobile’) would work best for you.  As an example, a recent study from Trilibis shows that responsive sites can load much more slowly than native mobile websites.


Mobile websites have changed a lot over the past 5 years.  In the future there will be more types of displays out there, from wearables, automobiles and a host of connected ‘things’.   As browser technology continues to evolve MoFuse will be there to help you get the most from your audience wherever they are.

MoFuse is excited to launch our responsive website design and display soon in 2014.

Mobile Strategy For Local Business – Focus on Mobile Search and Getting Found

Second in a Series on Mobile Local strategy


You know that you need to be mobile but you just aren’t sure it will help you to get new customers.  You have  a nagging feeling that your competitors are stealing business because they have implemented some new marketing technology!

This article will make sure you have considered the possibilities to get and keep customers using mobile as your most important weapon.

Our goal is to get you to think Mobile First. Why? Because your customers are there. Over 50% of all searches for local business happen on mobile!  According to a recent eMarketer study, Adults in the United States spend more than five hours a day on “nonvoice mobile activities,” including Internet use on phones and tablets.  Consider we only spend about 4.5 hours watching TV.

So what do you need to do to make sure mobile audiences are finding your business?

First get a mobile site – you need a mobile presence, your business needs to appeal immediately to the mobile visitor. Mobile website is a “must have” because it will affect how Google and the search engines rank your business!  Getting a mobile website is quick and easy these days. MoFuse is one of the best known brands to help your business get a mobile website quickly and cost effectively. Make sure you design for the mobile viewer and consider mobile search while you create that site.  Incorporate the ideas below and you will go a long way to making sure your business will be found by mobile search!

If you have a separate mobile website, make sure your automatic redirect code is up and working. This takes just a minute to install on your desktop site but it is essential for making sure all mobile traffic is getting to your mobile site.

However getting a mobile site is not enough!  You need to make sure your mobile website can be easily found when people are searching. Mobile and Search go hand and hand.

There are a number of ‘must do’ items in order to get your business found by the search engines:


1. Make sure your website and mobile site have great content relevant to your business.  The contact information is very important but so is information about what you do.  The more relevant content you put out on your website, the better it will perform for the search engines.
2. Social Media matters a lot.  Its also very important to distribute content these days. That means getting a Facebook, Google+, Pinterest, Twitter and other social media accounts.  Also find time to post there.  Every post counts!
3. Directories – there are 2 areas to cover, the free, national directories such as Yellow Pages, Merchant Circle and others like Yelp, and Manta.  Then you need to consider directories that are related to you business.  If you are providing legal services or road side assistance there will be industry specific directories relevant to your business. You need to be listed there!
4. Reviews will help your business get higher rankings. We see this all of the time, the more ratings that a business gets, the higher the rank in the search.  You need to remind your customers to give you a good review on Yelp, Google+, Yahoo Local, and other directories you belong to such as Angie’s List or Merchant Circle.

As you would expect: Getting Customers and Keeping Customers should be top of mind.  However mobile gives the local business a new arsenal of tools to do these things.
Local business is in the driver’s seat when it comes to advertising and marketing costs.

Having a smart mobile strategy means you can save money.  The yellow pages model is dead.  The annual expense of that static ad was huge plus you never really knew if that ad was truly working for you.  With mobile, search and click to call leads, you can see every inbound call that was generated by search.