Responsive Web Design Is Coming – Mobile Web Evolution!


MoFuse has been in the business of providing mobile web solutions since 2008.  Over the past 6 years, so much has changed!  The advances in browser and handset technologies have been tremendous and now it is time to take advantage of new capabilities in mobile display.


Depending on your business and your specific needs, you may want a ‘native’ mobile website or you may prefer one site that ‘morphs’ depending on the device using it.  We believe that there is a need to offer both a ‘mobile only’ and a responsive solution in the future and that is what we will provide.


What is ‘responsive web design’?   It means that one website is created, one code base and it is hosted on one domain.   This website will automatically display differently depending on the device that the viewer is using.   All of the information of the desktop site will be available to the mobile viewer, however the information ‘stacks’ in the mobile view. Mobile web created from responsive may require additional scrolling by the user, but all of the information from your desktop will be available.


Some of our customers are looking to create an entirely new website and using a responsive solution makes a lot of sense for these customers.   Others do not want the heavier responsive website, or their mobile site requires a fast, efficient mobile only approach. We will give you both options.

Responsive design does not solve all of the problems and we will continue to give you advice to find out which method (responsive or ‘native mobile’) would work best for you.  As an example, a recent study from Trilibis shows that responsive sites can load much more slowly than native mobile websites.


Mobile websites have changed a lot over the past 5 years.  In the future there will be more types of displays out there, from wearables, automobiles and a host of connected ‘things’.   As browser technology continues to evolve MoFuse will be there to help you get the most from your audience wherever they are.

MoFuse is excited to launch our responsive website design and display soon in 2014.