Mobile Coupons Released!

Just in time for the holiday shopping season, MoFuse is incredibly excited to roll out an update that includes a brand new feature: mobile coupons!

Have stuff you want to sell? Have things you want to promote? Not only can MoFuse help you bring you and your increasingly mobile audience together, but …

HTML5, Responsive Web Design, and Native Mobile – FIGHT!

Fielding anything for the first time is always a bit nerve wracking, and a webinar series is no exception. The first webinar in our ‘Mobile Mastery‘ series  proved to be a tremendous success however (tremendous to the point that even we were caught off guard by attendance numbers and the …

Aaron Ball, Mobile Web Expert… And At Your Service


Chances are, if you’ve used our Help Desk or needed some advanced support, you’ve spoken to or exchanged emails with Aaron.

Born in Australia, Aaron has spent the last 12 years in the United States.  A graduate of Brown University, with a Masters in Innovation Management and Entrepreneurship, he has been …

Store Locator – For Stores…and More!

It’s not just about driving traffic to your mobile site, but it’s also about using your mobile site to drive traffic to your place of business or provided services. Fortunately, the solution for this is already available on the MoFuse Mobile Web Platform.

The MoFuse Store Locator is a surprisingly versatile …

Best of the Mobile Web: SMBs are Thinking Mobile


Here is our latest round up of what is happening in the world of mobile web this week.

Best of the Mobile Web:

1. “Survey: 49 Percent of SMBs to Incorporate Mobile into their Marketing Efforts Next Year,” from MarketingLand.

A new survey sponsored by mobile lead-gen provider Pontiflex found that 49 percent …