Mobile Marketing: The Great Balancing Act


The ‘Holy Grail’ of marketing is the ability to engage with a consumer at exactly the right time (i.e. when they’re thinking about a need that your product or service offering can solve), with exactly the right message (be it a call-to-action or an offer), in order to influence them …

The Value of Mobile Websites


As with any marketing channel, there is always the question of value. Mobile websites are an important new marketing channel. How much ‘R’ will I get on my ‘I’, and in what sort of time frame? Regardless if your desired return is measured in revenue, sales, new leads, search engine …

Platform Update: High Resolution Images Enhance Websites On Mobile

Once upon a time, mobile devices and mobile networks were constrained by low res displays and low wireless data network speeds. The MoFuse mobile content management platform had some clever ways to manage and serve images, optimizing its image handling to ably work within those past constraints in order to …

Platform Update Release – RSS: From Mobile to Desktop

RSS stands for ‘Really Simple Syndication’, and it’s aptly named. We’ve always loved RSS for how easy it makes integrating blogs and more into a MoFuse mobile website. In fact, MoFuse got its start doing just that! Helping people take their blogs mobile.

Today we’re rolling out an update that expands on our …

We’ve Updated Our Billing System – Action Required!

If you are currently paying for your subscription with a credit card, please choose one of the following steps to update your account:

1) Do it yourself now: Complete the form on this page:


2) Call Us: 888-663-8738, press 2 for Billing

Why are we asking you to …