Platform Update: High Resolution Images Enhance Websites On Mobile

Once upon a time, mobile devices and mobile networks were constrained by low res displays and low wireless data network speeds. The MoFuse mobile content management platform had some clever ways to manage and serve images, optimizing its image handling to ably work within those past constraints in order to …

Build your Business Building Mobile Websites

Mobile websites rapidly gain traction

Small and medium sized businesses are turning to mobile to reach their increasingly mobile customers.  BIA/Kelsey recently reported that 14.7 percent of SMBs have a mobile website, with 22 percent looking to add one next year, up from only 8.7 percent last year. With the holiday season around the corner, …

Boost your Mobile Web Traffic with QR Codes

We make managing your QR code activities easy! 

QR, or Quick Response Codes are an excellent way to engage customers to connect with your mobile web site.  The user snaps your QR code and it delivers them immediately to the mobile page that you set up.  You can send them to …

Download your Mobile Site Analytics!

Exciting news! You can now download your mobile website analytics directly from your MoFuse dashboard! Simply do the following:

Log-in to your MoFuse account
Access the mobile site menu for your mobile website
Click into the ‘Analytics’ section
Select the time-frame for which you’d like to download your total and unique page views
Once this …

Track your QR Code Analytics!

We’ve released a new functionality to our QR Code Manager which allows you to track the analytics for your QR code campaigns! Now, you not only have the ability to create QR codes right from your MoFuse dashboard, you can also track how many visitors have scanned a specific QR …