Top 3 Reasons Local Business Need A Mobile Strategy


First in a series on mobile strategy for local business

Local Businesses now have a unique tool to connect with their customers in new and meaningful ways: Mobile Technology.  But there are so many new mobile technologies out there how can you even know how to think about it?  We recommend …

Custom Mobile Website Design For Small Business

Urgent Care

You may think that getting a custom mobile site designed specifically for your business is beyond your budget, but think again.  Today there are many tools and content management platforms developed specifically for mobile web, and that means a custom mobile site is less expensive to build than you think!

There …

What is a “Brick and Mobile” Strategy?

Once upon a time, I worked in retail. I worked out of the Boston-based flagship store for a regional, now unfortunately defunct, musical instrument retailer. We, like many brick and mortar retailers, regularly found ourselves fighting an uphill battle with the internet – an uphill battle that was incredibly one-sided. …

5 Things to Consider When you Design a Mobile Website


So you are getting ready to design a mobile website but you aren’t sure where to start.  You are probably wondering: What content should I have? What phone do I design for? How can I get traffic to my site? How do I make sure it is user friendly?

Here are …

Build your Business Building Mobile Websites

Mobile websites rapidly gain traction

Small and medium sized businesses are turning to mobile to reach their increasingly mobile customers.  BIA/Kelsey recently reported that 14.7 percent of SMBs have a mobile website, with 22 percent looking to add one next year, up from only 8.7 percent last year. With the holiday season around the corner, …