Build your Business Building Mobile Websites

Mobile websites rapidly gain traction

Small and medium sized businesses are turning to mobile to reach their increasingly mobile customers.  BIA/Kelsey recently reported that 14.7 percent of SMBs have a mobile website, with 22 percent looking to add one next year, up from only 8.7 percent last year. With the holiday season around the corner, …

Mobile Websites vs. Responsive Design


No doubt, we live in a post-PC world. The smartphone has become our device of choice.  The percentage of visitors using mobile to access your website has spiked quite a bit over the past year.  Over 20% of all web traffic is now mobile.  We’ve heard from clients who now …

New Templates & Custom CSS

We’ve made big changes to the Custom CSS page.

When you click the paint brush icon (now called  the “Look and Feel” page)  you can choose from a number of pre-made templates in addition to uploading your own Custom CSS as before.

Using the New Templates

To change your site from the default …

Editing your Site’s CSS by Element

Did you know that you can easily edit your mobile site’s CSS by element? That’s right, you can tweak the CSS for an individual element on your mobile website without having to dig for classes or ID’s.

To access this feature, you’ll simply want to do the following:

1) In your MoFuse …

MoFuse Joins the 2010 Winter Olympics!

We’re proud to announce that MoFuse was selected to build and host the mobile site for The Vancouver Observer, a top online news publication and go-to source for staying current with the 2010 Winter Olympic Games.

Powered by MoFuse, “Now you can get The Vancouver Observer in the palm of your …