The Top 2 Reasons You Need to Think “SEO”


We recently held a webinar (click here if you missed it)¬†targetting those new to the mobile web and/or new to mobile marketing, who wanted to know more about SEO.¬†We covered a lot of ground and fielded some great questions. One question in particular though was on many attendees’ minds. “Do …

SEO and Your Mobile Website, Does It Matter?


There’s a growing debate as to whether or not local businesses can still find value in investing in SEO.

The definitive answer is a resounding “YES! Absolutely!” But search engine leaders like Google can at times seem to be helping both clear and muddy the waters simultaneously I circled up with …

New MoFuse Feature Released – Enhanced SEO Support!


It’s important to have a mobile site, and I’ve covered the whys in past articles. But once you have your mobile site up and running, as important as form is, it also needs to be functional.

Mobile sites should be helping businesses connect with their customers. The first step to driving …

The Value of Mobile Websites


As with any marketing channel, there is always the question of value. Mobile websites are an important new marketing channel. How much ‘R’ will I get on my ‘I’, and in what sort of time frame? Regardless if your desired return is measured in revenue, sales, new leads, search engine …