How to Sell Mobile Websites


If you are a web developer, marketing agency, publisher, or small business services provider, now is the time to open a new revenue stream by selling mobile websites. Today’s consumers are mobile and if your customers don’t have an optimized mobile web presence, they are going to lose business.

Here are …

Mobile Coupons Released!

Just in time for the holiday shopping season, MoFuse is incredibly excited to roll out an update that includes a brand new feature: mobile coupons!

Have stuff you want to sell? Have things you want to promote? Not only can MoFuse help you bring you and your increasingly mobile audience together, but …

iPhone popups help drive awareness

To add to our newly introduced ‘Bookmark’ feature and bring awareness to your Web App we have just introduced iPhone popups. This handy popup is unique to the iPhone and will guide your mobile visitors through the process of adding your mobile website to their iPhone‘s home screen.  Helping to … Redirect Code Available in Beta

If you have been waiting for version of the Automatic Detection and Redirect code, your wait is over!  A special thanks to our friends at LiveSide for pulling this version of redirect code together!

The code is available on the Promote page, under Integrate, and alongside php, asp, and jsp …