Platform Update Release – RSS: From Mobile to Desktop

RSS stands for ‘Really Simple Syndication’, and it’s aptly named. We’ve always loved RSS for how easy it makes integrating blogs and more into a MoFuse mobile website. In fact, MoFuse got its start doing just that! Helping people take their blogs mobile.

Today we’re rolling out an update that expands on our …

New Option for RSS Images! Display Images with Post Titles

As you can see in the sample below, Our new GUI option for RSS feeds allows you to display images contained within your RSS feed right alongside each post title.

To take advantage of this new feature, click the Mobile GUI to “on”. When adding a new element, this is …

Did Your RSS Feed Disappear From Your Mobile Site?

It looks like Google has recently changed the way FeedBurner URLs work, and some of our mobile sites have been impacted.

If your feeds are from FeedBurner and you can’t view any postings on your mobile site, then this is most likely because the URL for your RSS feed has changed.

The …