Mobile Websites vs. Responsive Design


No doubt, we live in a post-PC world. The smartphone has become our device of choice.  The percentage of visitors using mobile to access your website has spiked quite a bit over the past year.  Over 20% of all web traffic is now mobile.  We’ve heard from clients who now …

MoFuse DNS Migration

Over the weekend we migrated to a new, superior DNS system to better increase site availability and speed. This new DNS system has edge locations throughout the world so your content is delivered to your mobile users faster.

As you can imagine, this is a significant upgrade.  While and mobiles …

The Need for Speed

Find out the top reasons users return to a mobile site, including information and findings on load times for mobile vs. desktop, in the most recent Small Screen Blog post. Follow Small Screen Blog to stay current with the latest industry research and information on being mobile.