What is a “Brick and Mobile” Strategy?

Once upon a time, I worked in retail. I worked out of the Boston-based flagship store for a regional, now unfortunately defunct, musical instrument retailer. We, like many brick and mortar retailers, regularly found ourselves fighting an uphill battle with the internet – an uphill battle that was incredibly one-sided. …

Mobile Coupons Released!

Just in time for the holiday shopping season, MoFuse is incredibly excited to roll out an update that includes a brand new feature: mobile coupons!

Have stuff you want to sell? Have things you want to promote? Not only can MoFuse help you bring you and your increasingly mobile audience together, but …

Preview: iPhone or Galaxy Nexus


When previewing a site from your desktop computer you can select an iPhone or Galaxy Nexus (Android) emulator. BlackBerry and others are on the way.

Tip: Don’t just use this while designing your site!  Once you have a great looking site, take a snapshot of it inside the previewer.  Then, scroll …

Boost Your Web Presence with SEO-Friendly URL’s

Ladies and gentleman, get ready. SEO-Friendly URL‘s have arrived!

With this new feature, you can now create custom URL‘s for each page and RSS feeds on your mobile website.

For instance, let’s assume you’ve created a website for John’s Sneaker Shop, with the following URL: http://johnssneakers.prohost.mobi. If you add a ‘Contact Us‘ …

Keeping it Mobile, For SEO

Do you include external links on your mobile site?

If the answer is yes, then the next question is, do these links go to another mobile site?

An easy way to optimize your site for SEO is to make sure that whenever possible, you are always linking to a mobile web page.

For …